Most of the time, when people visit Kentucky, they will head into Louisville. People are drawn to this city because of its reputation, fine dining, and unique places like BrickUniverse that is perfect for kids. However, if you want to have more fun than you have ever had in Kentucky, deviate to Lexington instead. It’s a place that you will enjoy visiting, filled with activities involving horses, museums, and other locations that you will always remember. The following places are highly recommended if you take a trip to Lexington Kentucky during the summer.

The Aviation Museum Of Kentucky

If you are headed out from the Blue Grass Airport, this is one of the best places you can go right before you take off on your flight. It’s a small museum, and while it is not the Smithsonian, there are plenty of documents artifacts that you can see that will tell you a little bit more about Kentucky. Most people visit because it is out by the Lexington airport, and you can see information about aviation material and airplanes that you won’t see anywhere else. Once you are done there, you can find out why this is called the horse capital of the United States. It’s because of a place called Kentucky Horse Park

Kentucky Horse Park

Once you arrive, you will start to understand why so many horse enthusiasts love this destination. There is a museum, gift shop, and a wonderful restaurant that you can eat at as you are spending your time there. It’s a little different than the Thoroughbred Center that you can also visit, and it’s a great place for kids. It’s designed to be educational, and it may highlight one of the best aspects of Kentucky while you are on the strip.

Lexington Kentucky also has many other attractions, some of which are fun filled for people of all ages. You can go to Breakout Games, the Red Mile, and of course Keeneland. After you have completed your trip, you will be ready to have fun as you spend time in this wonderful city. It’s a great destination for anyone traveling through Kentucky on their way to another state, or if they just want to be in an area that is so focused on horses. Start planning your vacation to Lexington today, a great summertime destination.