NASHVILLE, TN (WSMV) — The power went out midday on Tuesday at the Nashville Humane Association, so they put out an urgent call for help, and the response was overwhelming.

***Due to a local Brown Out we are currently without electricity and CLOSED to the public. All the pets are safe and wondering why it’s “nighttime” inside. Thank you for your understanding. We’ll keep you posted with reopening***— Nashville Humane (@nashvillehumane) July 2, 2019

A crisis was averted, thanks to people like Kate Sundell, one of dozens of animal lovers, who lined up to foster dogs and cats overnight, after the power went out at noon, and the emergency generator didn’t kick in.

Sundell, fostered a bonded pair of dogs.

"This is Reese and Regan, I came by yesterday afternoon, after I heard about the outage,wanted to help out, these guys needed a place to crash for the night", said Sundell.

The Humane Association knew something had to be done quickly.

"It was just getting really warm in this building, really fast, temperatures were so hot, the heat index was amazing," said Kenneth Tallier, of the Humane Association.

So they put out an urgent call on social media.

"When I got here, the line was out the door," said Sundell.

We. Are. Humbled. NASHVILLE YOU SHOWED UP!!! We have more than enough Fosters for ROVERNIGHTS. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!!!— Nashville Humane (@nashvillehumane) July 2, 2019

In no time, people lined up, all ninety-two animals soon had a temporary home.

"Very humbling yesterday, we put out the plea, and people just showed up to help all the animals at our shelter," said Tallier.

The power finally came back up four hours after it went out.

Four people who fostered animals, decided to keep their furry friend, giving them forever homes.

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