NASHVILLE, TN (WSMV) – Nashville shined like it never shined before last week.

Nashville Convention and Visitors Corp CEO Butch Spyridon said Nashville’s reputation to host world-class events took a giant leap forward thanks to the NFL Draft.

It was a big test for Music City, and Nashville apparently aced the test.

Spyridon is soaking the success all in, but not for long. He’s looking ahead, not back.

“The World Cup, Bonnaroo, July 4, NASCAR," said Spyridon.

Nashville is still in the running for the World Cup.

"The World Cup is in play, that really becomes an important aspect, making the final cut as a host city," said Spyridon.

There has been talk about hosting a Super Bowl in Nashville, however it was played down by Spyridon.

"I think it’s still premature on that. Maybe the takeaway on the Super Bowl conversation is what the league saw in this town. I don’t think we have to explain who we are and what we’re capable of anymore, we’ve crossed that bridge this week," said Spyridon.

The draft did take Nashville to the next level as a host city for top-tiered events.

"The goal is always to get to a point where we are in a position to say yes or no, and not have to be out begging to take a look at Nashville, the draft definitely helped in that regard," said Spyridon.

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