NASHVILLE —If you’ve been out and about on the interstates, you may notice, it’s pothole season.

They started cropping up after snow and icy weather last month.

But with all the rain this weekend, they’re popping up everywhere — so weather is the cause and actually limiting the fix.

Ideally, crews would like to be using a mixture to repave certain spots completely, but that only works when temperatures are warmer.

TDOT has crews working day and night to fill the holes in popular interchanges around Nashville.

“Just be patient with us. but, too: This past weekend we had guys here all weekend long,” said TDOT spokesman Greg Woerdeman. “They actually spent the night on Saturday and Sunday night both, they worked non-stop all weekend.”

Right now, TDOT has three crews working during the day and another working all night.

If your car is damaged after hitting a pothole, there’s a claim you can fill out to have it reviewed by the state.

Was your car damaged after striking a pothole?

Click here to make a claim with the TN Dept. of Treasury online:

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